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Those Who Inspired Me 2: Whitney Chaffin

Those Who Inspired Me Personal Life Influncer Whitney Chaffin

Whitney Chaffin has been one of the biggest personal life influencers of 2019. 

I encourage anyone my age to listen to the wisdom from this fantastic 28 year old Miss Florida USA contestant, real estate investor for social good, blogger, and nonprofit chairman of Place of Hope on episode 040 of the podcast.

Whitney has shown me you can be an all around fantastic person, bring your fullest self to what you do, and find financial freedom at our age. She draws her purpose from the worst of her life experiences (friends dying from overdoses, nasty breakups, and major financial debt) to lift others up and out of similar situations she has faced.

Because of Whitney, I have signed on with the same financial education company her and her Dad have been students through and now serve with. I feel peace knowing I'm continually becoming a good person for others to become better people. I'm so excited for this journey ahead. So happy to call Whitney a friend and mentor!

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