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Those Who Inspired Me 28: Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Written by Tanur Badgley(PoP's Creator & Host)

Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Getting to interview Dr. Benjamin Hardy or Ben was an incredible honor.

It's about the path I have been to that I was able to resonate at the same level as someone like him. He is going to be selling millions of copies of his upcoming book, Personality Isn't Permanent. He is the most read blogger for most of the last five years. Dr. Ben feels like a brother to me. He doesn't feel like this big mentor that's impossible to reach or access. I find his relatability incredible. The things we talked about are of such significance to me. I feel grateful that I got to share a lot of my story in this interview and to hear Dr. Ben's story and wisdom.

It’s cool to see that you can go on this deep journey into yourself and develop who you want to be in your future and really commit to it.

When you meet people like Dr. Ben, who is committed to their future self, it makes you excited to see where you're heading. If you keep following People of Purpose, reading some of our recommended resources, taking some of our featured courses, staying in touch with what your creator has put deep inside your heart, you're going to find yourself feeling how I and Dr. Ben felt.

It doesn't mean that things are always going to be perfect, that we will always feel harmony and flow.

But it's in the retelling of those discomforts, those small setbacks, and those traumas and failures along the way that we find the deepest gratitude for our journey and love for our future self.

Cover Of Personality Isn't Permanent Book By Dr. Benjamin Hardy PHD

I am excited to get to work with people like Dr. Benjamin Hardy who I share the same influences with.

We talked a lot about Dr. Joe Dispenza and the things we can create, who we can become, and how we can develop a strong intention and reason as to our becoming.

I love his service to the world.

It feels great to collaborate and to share something inspiring with People of Purpose's Dr. Benjamin Hardy. I am looking forward to you listening to this podcast episode and picking up his latest book, Personality Isn't Permanent. Read it, absorb it, go through the journaling exercises like I was able to, and share this with people, because this is how we change the world.

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