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Those Who Inspired Me 18: Gabrielle Glancy

Gabrielle Glancy And Her Mission To Help Students In Achieving and Realizing Their Dreams

I am beaming with excitement as I had this wonderful interview with Gabrielle Glancy. The energy she puts out as well as the hope, optimism, and happiness she exudes are so wonderful.

She has these incredible unique ways of seeing the world.

Oftentimes she will flip some things on her head and in an unexpected way it leads to remarkable results. All the contents and experiences of her life are just captivating to consume, understand, and listen to. I think her true beauty is in her expression, the level of honesty that she's able to cultivate in herself.

Gabrielle’s expression is on another level.

I come to believe that she has a superpower in being able to express her grandest ideas. Her way of living and the disposition she takes in the world attracts people to her leadership.

My single takeaway from this interview is that I need to be more forthright in how I express myself in conversation with those that are not experiencing some of the concepts that she is explaining or in those points that I feel like I understand pretty well.

I need to step up and acknowledge that I know things and I understand them deeply.

I want to share my ways and be able to help others to understand things better, to let them know that we are together in this journey of unlocking what the true sense of purpose is. I hope that someday I will be able to shine a light down the pathway for someone and be able to tell “Let’s make sure you get there!”

She has this gift of getting people unstuck.

Her book, UNSTUCK: How to Break Through Writer’s Block, Find Your Voice and Get into the College of your Dreams, shares so much of what her philosophy is. She can get people unstuck in such an early stage of their life. It is incredibly beautiful just how she is transforming individuals for many years and all the people that they come into contact with.

I feel so blessed and honored to be able to have had the interview with Gabrielle and to be able to share a wonderfully nourishing, beautiful, inspirational experience with you.

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