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Those Who Inspired Me 17: Bowen Dwelle

A Man Standing With A Lake And A Mountain As His Background

Bowen Dwelle reinvigorated my sense of purpose as it relates to intuition.

He makes many good points about the importance of tapping into our intuition in a profound story.

He once was not able to tap into his intuition and his purpose because of depression and alcohol. Seeing how Bowen has come through on the other side and got the wheel turning a different way is just so inspirational. The wisdom that came from his experience is just so profound.

One thing that stuck with me in this interview is this concept of being fully who we are, awakening to ourselves as much as we possibly can, and doing so through intuition.

He has this great analogy of how a dog knows how to be a dog. The analogy reflects the importance of how Bowen knows how to be Bowen really well and you know how to be you really well.

What he said reminded me of the feeling that I was able to capture so much in my youth when I would play outside and have friendships that mattered a lot and have freedom of just expression. I am carrying the same feeling with me again after this interview. I used to make deep values to myself that I would always remain grounded in those feelings of true unlimited freedom and potential.

And because I have made those deep values, I started living in those to a large degree but wasn't able to fully tap into it. Talking with Bowen has helped me to reengage with that and I am now excited to be living from this freedom as I engage with my world around me in Thailand.

Another point that we talked about was about is how to be an amazing partner in a relationship and how we find that through our deepest sense of purpose and the journey we're on in that purpose. The interview was incredible with such rich wisdom around how to be an amazing partner especially for me as a man in a relationship and as I am about to get married in a few weeks.

I learned a lot and value this relationship with Bowen. I am excited for you to experience the amazing interview we just shared for the next hour and a half as you journey into the depths of all who Bowen Dwelle is. I know that you'll come out of this as a greater person of purpose and joy.

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