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Those Who Inspired Me 16: Caleigh Hernandez

Two Women Speaking At Each Other While Sitting On The Road Side

Caleigh Hernandez is a tremendous person of purpose. I enjoyed this wonderfully lighthearted, easygoing, thoughtful, and wise interview that we had.

It is incredible that she is only 26 years old and doing all of these enormous undertakings of managing 400 artisans and an international business social enterprise.  She refers her business as a triple bottom line which means that she has to focus on 3 things:

  • The impact on the environment;

  • The impact on the producers and consumers;

  • The profit

Her story of being a young female that runs an intercultural business is universally captivating because she exhibits a model of a new age success. 

It is a wonder to listen as Caleigh shared all these little beads and threads of stories about how she has created ROHO, what they have created as a community in Kenya and how it has positively impacted other people’s lives. The people in the community can get educated for their first time, able to have enough food for their family, able to have a purpose and meaning into the work they do rather than just get by. Caleigh is a person who understands business and her ideas about personal growth, getting clear on value systems, and how these can be expressed in your business is very powerful.

The part that resonated so much for me was the last 10 to 15 minutes of the interview where we were talking about purpose as a general concept. Incredibly, she’s doing something so different from what I have done yet I knew that what she has said is true inside. I believe that this is because we are both after the same thing, following our purpose.

The way she has defined success is determined by how she is going to deal with financial instability and discomfort.

She is clear on her goals and she was able to find people to share those goals with. Her optimistic, cheerful and hopeful mindset is leading her to a purposeful existence.

Caleigh is a great model for anyone who wants to start something that they feel nobody else has ever done. I am excited for all the small ways in which Caleigh’s youth, her business acumen, her heart for people of a different culture, and her advocacy for alleviating the cycle of poverty shines through. Starting today, I know that I am going to see shopping differently for sure.

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