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Those Who Inspired Me 14: Scott Allan

A Person Fearlessly Jumping From One Mountain To Another

Scott Allan puts me in such a meditative reverie. He doesn't just say things that are rehearsed or that are pre-planned or that you know are his spiel.

Scott has a pensive, thoughtful, introverted quality to him that I just really want to increase in myself. He speaks from a place of trueness within and I love that commitment to honest self-truth as the starting point to being able to see your way forward.

On top of that, what we talked about was awesome as well. He has such an amazing mindset around self-defeating behavior, fear, and getting unstuck. It was really illuminating to be able to hear his thoughts, especially around fear.

Scott writes books that focus on changing older teens, overcoming self-defeating behavior and the best strategies in dealing with rejection. He emphasizes that fear is actually a great sign that you're on the right path because it means that you are actually pushing your boundaries.

As you push yourself to the next level, you will start to see and feel the resistance.

When you do know internally that you're on that purposeful path, you will be able to do small mini daily habits that will guide you to work your way forward into the next level. Scott is someone who has a unique perspective and has broken through all the way to where he's living in Japan for 20 years. He has now massively changed careers once again by starting a book business, I believe he's going to be really successful.

Scott is an ideal mentor for you if you're someone that resonates with his style and who he is. He said a lot of things that I've heard in one way or another before, but in the interview, he had his own spin or own experience around them.

This interview is going to be sticking with me in a meaningful, lasting way. I encourage you guys to dig into Scott Allan more as he launches his brand and his community. He's going places and I'm really excited for him. It was really an amazing experience and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Listen to our interview on episode 55 of the podcast here.

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