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Those Who Inspired Me 12: Yuval David

Woman Being Filmed On A Library Setting

Yuval David is definitely a person of purpose, his soulfulness, vulnerability, and transparency in who he is and what he does is just incredible.

He's got this amazing lifestyle in Manhattan acting, writing, and directing in his own original way. You’ve probably even seen him on tv with his role in Madame Secretary. And at the same time he's incredibly down to earth and just has a beautiful spirit.

On our interview, captured in episode 050 of the podcast, Yuval really helped me to recognize the power of just being a kind person. I love how Yuval focuses on those little impacts on people that bring out their bravest and fullest selves. Yuval helped me see that empowered people are their most purposeful selves.

I love how Yuval creates these safe spaces for people to participate in big ways. What Yuval said makes me want to pull people into the work I’m doing just like Yuval does with things we discussed in our interview. I too want to direct people into the beginnings of purpose through empowerment like Yuval’s short film One Man Short where he pulls in a random person on the subway to join in their performance.

It’s very inspiring how Yuval places people in important roles in productions. I think there’s so much leaders can learn from this philosophy in subtle and scale-able ways.

I know that Yuval’s experience and expertise in finding his creative craft and connecting others to it is infectious to listen to. He lives such a purposeful, abundant life full of adventure and I’m confident you’ll find yourself in his story. I know I did!

I'm really excited for you to listen to this episode, one of a kind episode with this week’s person of purpose Yuval David. 

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