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Those Who Inspired Me 10: Matt Simpson

A Man Sitting Surrounded By Plants

Matt Simpson has become a special friend through the podcast. We met for the first time two years ago at a coffee shop in Chicago as I was with my friend brainstorming the beginnings of what has today become People of Purpose.

Matt was sitting at a nearby table by himself. When my friend got up, Matt let me know he had been listening to our conversation and excitedly let me know that he shared so much in common with me. He went on to tell me about his extensive travel experiences in South America where he first encountered these plant medicines and they changed his life.

I learned that Matt had recently sold his business and had totally reoriented his life to help veterans overcome their traumas through these medicines. A month later I was in Montreal and we did our first interview through the internet. Matt exposed a whole new world of hope and healing to me that isn’t presented in the American medical community or the Eastern medicinal environment I had been surrounded by in Thailand.

As we caught up over the months I understood that Matt was working on his first book. When it launched he said we needed to talk. He mailed me a copy of his book which I regifted to a People of Purpose listener in great need of connecting with Matt’s ideas and experiences.

On our second interview Matt expressed so many profound truths about the human psyche and the process of writing and stepping fearlessly forward in purpose. His self expression is amazing. I feel solidarity in how we operate and a kinship in our mindset. I am so grateful that I found a brother in this journey with Matt. The ethos and the spirit with which Matt carries himself towards purpose is extraordinary.

I’m excited to go down these roads together in our purposes. I know we are going to manifest so many big things because of how grounded we are in our purpose. If you want to unplug, look into your truths clearly, and put the foot on the gas towards your purpose, Matt Simpson is your man. Listen to Matt on Episode 048 of the podcast and see for yourself!

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