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Those Who Inspired Me 1: Katy Osborn

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Katy Osborn’s purpose of connecting people and ideas to live creatively has really stuck with me.

The mindset we discussed on the podcast actually influenced me to sponsor my very first ever child last week at church.

Charity, a preschool age girl from a village in Uganda, will now receive my support of $38/month until she reaches adulthood. I feel so blessed to be presented with an opportunity to be so connected with her life through letter writing and financial support to have all her needs met so that she can live out her fullest potential.

One day I intend to visit her in Uganda.

As Katy and I discussed in the podcast, taking this kind of step of action without knowing where it’s leading to is so important because it allows you to tap into the power of creativity. The road may be twisting and turning and I don’t know where it’s going, but I’m driving forward with an attitude of Purpose knowing that abundance awaits.

This mindset inspired me to start People of Purpose a year and a half ago and continues to be the reason I say yes to all the opportunities it continues to bring forth which bless my life and other’s lives.

Once again I’m not certain how I’m going to supply $38 each month for the next 168 months, but I know I will because Charity needs me to. That’s one way how I’m connecting my financial future to purpose. It’s going to require creativity and digging deep to do it, but I know I will because God has put it in my heart to.

How do you lean on creativity to connect what’s in your heart to what’s in your wallet?

Listen to our episode on the podcast here

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