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Those Who Inspire Me 36: Holly Woods

Written by Tanur Badgley (PoP’s Creator & Host)

Author of Best Selling The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Life Holly Woods

Interviewing Holly was such a joyful light experience.

She has such a sweet soul, and the way that she expresses is so articulate.

She takes these 10,000-foot view type of topics, ten years into the future, and grounds them well into the here and now and today to make it relatable.

What Holly is focused on right now is in tune with where we all need to be focused.

She's right there at where we find our purpose by finding out what she calls this golden thread.

It is the thing that has always been alive and strong in us throughout our life. It is our soul's calling for being here in the world, the impact that we are to contribute.

The "golden thread" idea is fantastic. It is at the core and genesis People of Purpose podcast.

When I originally started this podcast, I was looking for these universalities that exist in people. I strive to learn how to understand that universalities, become aware of that, and activate that. And that's what Holly is doing.

She is going to become a mentor for me in how to help people understand and design purpose-driven businesses and communities.

I love everything that she's focused on right now. Her book, The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Life, is a brilliant opportunity that needs to be understood and read. I am excited about what she's doing in the world and how we can all kind of be a part of it.

We are blessed and lucky to be able to have Holly on this episode. Talking about these kinds of topics and getting a sense of what our unique gifts are is a remarkable experience.

Some of the questions that she poses and statements that she says are going to help awaken you to what she calls low-risk pivots.

These pivots will guide you in finding what and where your golden thread is.

It is beautiful to get to experience the vision Holly has. To know more about finding your golden thread, listen to our podcast interview with People of Purpose's Holly Woods.

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