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The Value of Relationships

Friends Having Fun Together

Being in San Francisco has given me the first feelings of loneliness I've had in a long time. I've learned that connecting with others even for just a little bit is so important for me to feel connected and aligned with the human spirit.

Going to graduate school for 10 days and living in dorms again really woke me up to this re-understanding. 

I loved sharing 45 minute meditation practice with willing participants in the courtyard on campus, guiding a yoga practice on the rooftop of our building, organizing a party , and playing tag in a field.

Relationships with People Really Awaken Me

Relationships with people really wake me up to the purpose of being alive. We are to share life and experience love together. Relationships with others get me in touch with the zeitgeist of the group and from there I’m comfortable to be myself.

What about you? How have you seen relationships improve the value of your life?

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