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The Purpose of Community by Haven Simnitt

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Community Is Important

Community is one of the most important things in the world. It allows you to connect with people on deep levels, and just live life with them, but it also allows you to see God's goodness.

Personally, I struggled with getting a good community for years. So, once I finally found some really good close friends, I was reluctant to even consider the possibility of God changing who He wanted in my life.

Over the years He had to show me, time and time again, that He will always provide the people I need. Although, here I stand, facing the same fears as I always had when it comes to community. My two best friends have graduated high school, are going off to college, and are starting lives, elsewhere. Without me. I have other friends; but my own stubbornness, my refusal to let my old friends go, keeps hindering the ability to get super close with anyone else.

Yet, here I am, three months after my best friends have graduated, and one week till they leave for college, and God still keeps moving. Even in my pride and stubbornness about letting new people in, He's still providing me with amazing people to do this thing called life with me.

Despite my anger, pride, and well, let's face it, pigheadedness, He is still good to me. So, let this be an inspiration to lose who feel lonely, abandoned, and hurt. Even when we are faithless, He is faithful. God doesn't require or rely on our feelings to do great things, He does them in spite of our feelings. Let that be the anchor you hold on to, just as it's the one I cling desperately to. 

- Haven Simnitt, People of Purpose's Social Media Manager 

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