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The Process and Destination Are The Same

Man Seriously Completing His Artwork

I've heard it before, but I'm beginning to understand that you can't strip the creation from it's creative process.

I have to move forward towards my goals with minute by minute intentions and actions aligned with the higher calling I'm after. We aren't chasing after this end goal that we've created, which can be so elusive. We are called to be higher as each test, challenge, and conundrum threaten to steer us off the path. We are committed to the path, not the prize at the end of the path.

Creativity Comes With a Cost

Anything that was made and earned required a process and its in the toils of the creative process that we are created. 

This means that its super important to be vigilant to where the attention of your mind is focused. What are your actions or lack of actions saying about who you are to yourself? Remember, you aren't doing this purposeful work for others to think you are great. You are doing it because it is great for others. 

The focus of your activity has to be on God's purpose and calling. It can feel like we are chasing the wind if we stake our success on attaining some final product or goal of our making. I believe God is using and shaping you for amazing things. It's so important we become the brush. This is the only way the painting will come.

If you are after some distinct financial goal, career achievement, relationship milestone, etc ask yourself if you are putting the attention on the momentary high of achievement or on humbly walking the path carved out before you with full alignment to your purpose.

Instead of staking your successes on the prize at the end of the road, what if the prize was fulfilling our purpose and your daily process was coming into greater alignment with that?

"For where your treasure is, there your heart lies also" - Matthew 6:21

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