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The Power of Patience

Patiently Waiting At An Airport

My girlfriend got denied her visa for the 2nd time to visit America from Thailand. I feel sad, frustrated, resentful toward my country, and dis-empowered, I feel like I'm consistently choosing to delay my gratification at work, in my schooling, in my relationship, and with my lack of a community in San Francisco. Hearing this news was certainly disappointing.

I am exhausted by how this process has gone. I'm worried I'm in a perpetual, indefinite long-distance relationship.

I Am Choosing Patience

At the same time I feel so confident that she is the right woman for me. I'm choosing patience. A coworker was explaining the concept for me again, when it truly clicked that patience is a virtue. A virtuous person is able to wait for the prize because they know they have the right intention and can trust the process to play out. They know they will be fine regardless of the result.

I want to be that person so I choose to be that kind of person.

What About You?

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