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The More I Seek, The More My Eyes Are Opened- Haven Simnitt

A Girl Looking At Angkor Wat In Cambodia

For the entirety of my life, I've never gone more than a year without traveling somewhere.

Whether it was just to Colorado (I live in Kansas) or down to Honduras in Central America, I was always going somewhere. Although, for a reason I could never pinpoint, I didn't like the way my family traveled. It felt more like National Lampoon's film than a vacation to me.

Recently though, I've been trying to understand why I don't like traveling with them. It isn't because I don't want to travel, there's lots of places I want to visit; I just honestly believe that God gave me the yearning to go the abnormal countries to visit for a specific reason.

One of the places I want to go to is Cambodia. It is so pretty there and they have such a rich history that I just wanted to immerse myself in it. It wasn't until one month ago that I found out another reason I felt so called to go there.

Human trafficking is extremely bad there, and it's not on a lot of people's radar. Cambodia is 9th in the world as a hot spot for human trafficking, and is one of the worst places for refugees.

For a lot of people this knowledge would scare them out of going there, ever. For me, it's all the more reason to go. I want to go and help the people who are innocent and caught up in this. This is just another way that God has shown up in my life this summer: He has shown me that the desires he has given me are there for a purpose, and I'm to use them to serve His kingdom.

- Haven Simnitt, People of Purpose's Social Media Manager

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