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The Intimacy of Reunion

Group Of People Gathering On The Golden Hour By The Beach

8 years ago I fell from the mountain at Yosemite.

5 years ago I graduated college.

This week I find myself sitting in Minneapolis feeling the full-circled path of development for the second round. Back where I grew in my independence.

First I reunited with people, spaces, and sensations all too familiar to me. A fifth year Macalester College reunion, the wedding of a best friend, and a family visit with me as a tour guide of a city I haven't lived in since 2015.

The Twin Cities were my launching off point. A reminder of how broken I can become. How far I've come. Man am I excited to see what the next 8 years can bring if I can go from concussed, broken, lost, sad, and depressed to this - an international podcast host with two businesses, a Master's degree in Education, and a wonderful woman I'm set to marry in Thailand with my family in attendance by the end of this year - I can do anything.

I want to do big things. This time around feels like a new launching off point. I know I'm primed to a land in a big way eight years from now. 


Last week I moved out of San Francisco. After just shy of a year I've decided to reorient towards moving to Thailand for the third time.

It's here in Minneapolis that the Thailand dream was first born, where it became tangible in the dark stillness of a concussion. Where late nights out with my Craigslist roommate blossomed into a friendship that now has me traveling cross country for his wedding four years since I moved away.

There's good people here in Minnesota. As I've just said goodbye to my family, who were invited to the wedding too, I'm feeling an elevated vibration. An intimacy with my past, present, and future buzzing with the full force of becoming. I've been working and waiting a long time now to begin this new chapter of marriage, full-time entrepreneurship, and the reunions on the way towards union.

With everything in my external world completely different since graduating, finishing the teaching year, and moving out of San Francisco, what I'm continuing to feel is intimacy.

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