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Tanur's Takeaway: on Carolin Zeitler

Written by Tanur Badgley (PoP's Creator and Host)

Meeting Carolin Zeitler was an incredible experience. Here are some of the takeaways from our interview where she talked about Co-creating Cultures of Connection and Flow with Purpose-driven Entrepreneurs and Social Innovators.

Don't be afraid to take adventures.

Carolin is a very adventurous person who has done a multitude of things in her life. She hasn't ever stopped traveling. I love how Carolin is culturally immersing herself in different careers and environments. She gets in touch with a diverse group of people engaging in different ways.

The thread of purpose

She always has this thread of connecting through flow, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and social innovators who are into creating a new culture.

She has such an extensive background of things that we have dived into the interview -- from women's empowerment conferences in Qatar to laughter yoga sessions to moving to a small Island in Malta and ghostwriting for entrepreneurs to dance therapy and everything in between.

It was an incredible experience to have this voyeuristic look into her life as she immerses herself in all of these different career paths that always have that same thread of purpose.

The power of just saying yes to yourself. Saying yes to life and trusting that we will always find ways to have things figured out.

You will wind up in these environments with beautiful people that share a lot of your values and vision for how you want to show up in the world.

Our interview will do a lot for people that are entrepreneurially inclined -- especially those who don't necessarily commit to one path of doing that.

She has found coaching, culture building, grouping people together to create a new environment and culture to be her path, and that can show up in so many ways. It was refreshing to observe that kind of take on life and that kind of engagement with purpose.

I respect Carolin for showing up the way she does in her life. I am excited about her next big step that we talked about in the interview.

Tune in and capture the zest of life that Carolyn has. Her happiness is exuberating, and you can feel it just by listening to her. You will get a lot out of this interview, so check out her episode in this link.

Here's to becoming People of Purpose!

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