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Practice of Purpose 4 : Mindfulness Meditation

Woman Peacefully Meditating

"Ten Minutes of meditation is the 1% of your day that makes the other 99% better"

Mindfulness Meditation has been incredibly transformational in my journey from being majorly concussed and heartbroke in the Minnesota winter to the blessed life I have now.

I did an amazing 10-day vipassana meditation course in Thailand and those principles have stayed with me.

While I discussed that experience at length on the Catching Z's podcast. Here's What I've learned.

Even though I cannot afford an hour a day like I'd like I can still start every day with ten minutes of mindfulness meditation through my app Calm. I'm proud that I just broke my streak on Calm of 41 consecutive days of meditation.

I highly encourage you to give 10 minutes a day for 10 days a shot. 

A Personal Update

When my family visited me for the first time in San Francisco I was struggling in many ways. Feeling like I have 20 months until I can see my goal of being here as a teacher is tough. And I feel so exhausted moving towards this goal that it feels so far away.

Between grad school and teaching, I’m working 60-70 hour weeks and I don’t feel all that successful.

It was really helpful when my Dads girlfriend Linda helped me to understand that I can choose to look at these next 20 months as a stepping stone to the kind of life I want to live.

Remember to seek the process rather than the end goal.

This leads me to another thought I’ve been having about entrepreneurship. One thing I don’t like about this program I’m in is that my entrepreneurial spirit is constantly squashed.

I am on someone else’s clock, under someone else’s rules, in someone else’s culture, needing to follow someone else’s structures.

But I’m realizing I can be an entrepreneur for my own life. If I am finding the Investment as growth in myself and I am being an entrepreneur. Remember to seek the process rather than the end goal. Enjoy it all because you have a canvas still waiting to be filled.

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