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Practice of Purpose 1 : A New Practice In A Purposeful Perspective

Perspective of a Man At The Edge Of A Mountain

Gratitude In The Unknown

I've been recently looking for gratitude in the unknown. I've been actively practicing looking back fondly on how the tiniest, momentarily negative things actually allowed me to make massive leaps in my purpose. 

I've been reminded a lot about how my near-death fall and search and rescue at Yosemite National Park seven years ago is now actually a huge blessing. I now have so much perspective, I've followed through on deep vows I made to live a purposeful life, and a have a mindfulness toolkit that allows my to take on so many projects and now have such faith and connectedness with divinity in the present moment.

What's one of your misfortune's that was actually a blessing in disguise?

A Personal Update

I am now fully moved into San Francisco and already completed 10 credit hours towards my Masters of Education. Now I am a full-time teacher and grad student going fully towards being the best teacher I can possibly become. It's going to be 60+ hours of emotionally, creatively, and intellectually challenging work, but I am fully buckled in and ready to go!

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