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Those Who Inspired Me 23: Ernesto Gerardo and Joe Lam

Ernesto and Joe Standing on Both Ends In A Convention With Two Colleagues

Getting to talk to Ernesto and Joe was such a great experience.

They bring such a wealth of knowledge and information across so many domains.

It is impressive that they have this kind of bond and partnership that is doing something so good in the world through such a unique medium as social housing. They both come from backgrounds of families running businesses.

I feel a little bit jealous that they have that sort of opportunity to grow up watching entrepreneurship. It allowed them to flourish in their own right when they've become entrepreneurs. I got to meet Joe and Ernesto at a couple of different real estate symposiums in the US primarily in Las Vegas in the fall of 2019 and we just really hit it off right away.

We are young people doing real estate investing on a pretty much full-time basis.

The way that they're doing investing is really interesting to me because they're doing something that blends getting financially free with chasing a purposeful endeavor.

It is commendable how they're helping people to get sober, to remain drug and alcohol-free. There are so many things to learn from what they said about their partnership, how it formed and how they hold each other accountable. They also talked about how they work with people within the communities to help uplift themselves and be able to create a culture of sober living and being on a new path. What they are doing is such a good model for blending business and purpose that is admirable.

I love this notion that they talked about near the end of the interview about wanting to be the action hero of your own movie.

The more and more I think about that, the more I feel inspired and compelled to do something extremely great in the world and know that I'm creating something that's brand new and never before seen. And people will experience that creation. Joe and Ernesto are aware of that and it's just cool to get to experience a little bit of what they're doing through this interview.

I hope you enjoyed this listening to the interview as much as I did. Joe and Ernesto are wonderful people who explain very well what they're doing. It's such a clear and concise way that feels very inclusive.

If you want to tap into what they're doing, follow them on their Instagram channel and their hashtag #shininglighthousing.

Let's find a new way of doing business and doing real estate that's a lot more purposeful.

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