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One Unknown Reason Can Make All The Suffering Today Worth It

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I've been really pondering this and coming back to this quite often as I was hit with a two week wall of hard work that began on my 24 hour trip back from Thailand.

Pushing Through

Sometimes there are these periods in my life that demand I dig deep and push through before I find the light of my goal. It's when you are flooded by undesirable feelings (stress, persistence, and questioning the validity of your pursuits) that you need to come back to your purpose the most.

It can be hard to find the purpose, especially if you're carrying through tasks which are so much bigger than you. But, being in the midst of these more negative feelings can give you the self control you'll thank yourself for later.

It builds the discipline to learn a new skill or prevent you from saying the thing that would’ve ended a beloved relationship. Being in the midst of struggle can bring you into your sense of purpose and show you what you’re hungry for. 

I’m going through these feelings as I've been filmed for California state teaching licensure, designed and carried through every step of a a seven day project with students, and conducted two podcast interviews. 

I just want to encourage you to keep taking one step forward at a time because it is always worth it. In my opinion, it's worth it because of what the process alone does for the maturation of your character.  

Here's My Tips

Remain equanimous, nonjudgmental, and think of setbacks as opportunities to make the story grander. You cannot fail unless you quit and you cannot succeed unless you keep going. Show up as the person you want to become and you will become that person. So go forward, pivot when needed, and build the character that you can only get from living in the trenches. I know it will make you appreciate your future comforts and blessings that much more.

I can think of several times where the process was so much more than just worth it. It's how I've developed some of my closest relationships, felt my most self confident, performed my highest, and discovered that I'm committed to my fiance for the rest of my life. 

Have you ever had unforeseen, immensely gratifying, rewards from your efforts when the sprint is done? What’s been your redeeming reason to keep going?

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