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My Epiphany: Investing in Adulthood = Investing in Real Estate (Part 2)

A Mini House, Magnifying Glass, and Piggy Bank On Top Of A House Blueprint

At this point we were denied the visa second time, my podcast People of Purpose had been active for over a year. Still today I interview my teachers, mentors, and my teacher’s mentors. I am so blessed to discover and put into practice the secrets that make for a life well-lived. A life lived intentionally, passionately, and for a higher purpose than myself. Since I was more clear on my vision than any plan for how to survive another year or indefinitely apart from my love in Thailand I went all-in on my heart’s calling.

But I still wondered practically how would I pull this off.

At the time I had interviewed Whitney Chaffin. Whitney was a 27-year old entrepreneur owning multiple businesses and investing in real estate. She was speaking at a free seminar and a few weeks later she was speaking with me one-on-one through my laptop. After our interview - published on my podcast - I was so intrigued by how she was building her vision every day and leaving her mark on the world through providing housing for people going through drug and alcohol rehabilitation all while finding financial freedom owning multiple cash-flowing real estate properties. Her dad was a multi-millionaire real estate investor too.

A few months later I found myself signing up for a package of $13,000 which I put on 0% credit cards, which Whitney had helped me apply for. Ever since that day about a year ago I considered myself a full-time real estate investor. While this seemed risky to many, I came to understand the power of real estate quickly - the leverage, the scalability, the true value of an asset, the multiple income streams, the tax advantages, the business models available, and the resources to find and fund deals. I began traveling the country going to three-day symposiums in search of the education, mentors, and partners I needed to get started.

I have found all of them.

Shortly after graduation, I moved in with a real estate investor. Just three months in I found myself buying the first house of my life in New Mexico of all places. I spent none of my own money, found a wonderful partner who was looking for someone dedicated like me, had a four-day in-person full-immersion mentorship with an 8 figure investor, and brought my brother in as a third partner.

We flipped a house and made thirty thousand dollars. But it wasn’t the money that has energized me since the beginning. It was the lifestyle of living in a 200 sq. foot RV with two guys and dog for three weeks, road-tripping to Phoenix and Vegas, flying to Thailand to reunite with my girlfriend in October, getting married in her village in November, buying more properties at 2 am from Thailand, having weekly 90-minute meetings with my partners, and knowing that as I return to America in just one week (with my wife’s visa in hand) I have risen into the responsibilities of adulthood.

There have been many things I’ve learned in just the beginning of what will be a long journey. But one of the things most relevant to you is that investing is a life skill.

It’s something we owe ourselves and our families to learn. And real estate is the single best investment vehicle for the kind of lifestyle most of us want.

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