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My Commitment To Work

Colleagues Enjoying Their Workplace

I know it sounds silly but, lately I've been working on being more committed to my work. Here's what I've found.

Finding Joy Work

Finding joy in the work itself is so important as a teacher and grad student. There is very little "free time" so I have to find freedom in "work time". I can control my attitude and expectations and make decisions that exercise my creative agency.

Since I've re-framed my mindset around work I've been much happier. It’s in all the work that I'm growing the most. And that’s happening because I’m getting out of my own perceptions of the world and  having amazing conversations that need to happen.

In particular I’m learning so much about my unconscious identities as a white male and how that impacts my students of color.

Part of Something Greater

I love the fishbowl for advancing diversity in a productive way that is geared towards telling your own truth and is fueled by the goodwill of all. When we discussed the question, “can art be separated from the artist” I felt totally engaged and passionate in my work.

I feel like part of something greater than me when I’m expressing myself and incorporating the perspectives, beliefs, and judgments of my classmates into my own beliefs. Having passion and purpose front and center is an amazing way to be in education. 

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