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Investing in my Heart’s Voice To Reveal My Purpose and My People: Part 2

They say this plant medicine calls you when it’s time.

Tanur Badgley And His Wife Posing For A Photo At The Airport

As I move to Kansas City (just 90 miles from where I was born and raised) with my wife from Thailand and my brother, it has become so clear that now is the perfect time to own who I’ve become and develop into who I’m becoming. I must step up as a leader and call my tribe forth. Since living in Thailand for almost 2.5 years in total, I have felt anxious about returning to the home of my roots. It will be my first time living in Kansas in ten years.

The reason for my anxiety is twofold.

On one hand, I’ve changed so much. I’ve grown from immersive travels into cultures much different than my own. I’ve experienced incredibly pure intimate relationships with people from all walks of life who have left me so awe-inspired that I’ve written what is now a 550-page blog and recorded 100 hours of podcast interviews. I’ve said yes to embarking on deep spiritual journeys that have yielded wisdom and understandings beyond my wildest dreams.

Tanur Badgley And His Wife Striking A Pose With The Local Community

I am incredibly blessed to have gurus and shamans, pastors, and monks each lead me into deeper understandings of myself both as a physical person in the world and as a reflection and bearer of the divine. Throughout my journeys, I’ve found my support system in fellow purpose seekers that have left the respective homes of their youth to pursue the passions in their hearts and align themselves with a more purposeful way of living.

Tanur Badley and His Wife With Organic Farm Owners in Cambodia

Thanks to all the divers, digital nomads, trekkers, teachers, volunteers, and missionaries who’ve kept me curious. Thanks also to the fellow teachers, mentors, students, business partners, and subscribers who’ve given me a canvas with which to paint on. In many ways, I have become wise beyond my years. For that, I am humbled and blessed.

I’ve learned so much from the lens of Studenthood.

I’ve embodied being a Student of the World and honed my self-expression when I’ve written to share my journey through my Student of the World Blog and my PoP Newsletters.

I’ve evolved to being a conduit of purpose sharing the stories of People of Purpose to help those who feel ready to take a big leap into the unknown. The place where their most authentic path of purpose lies. To say yes in courage to treading their path even if they aren’t sure how.

I've gained so much both as a student and a teacher of purpose through creating and hosting People of Purpose podcast. This change that I’ve experienced along the way sometimes makes it difficult for me to connect at a surface level. But it’s also the change that has equipped me to help others cross the chasm. To be able to make that connection with people who embrace change and who’ve come out on the other side has become a tremendous gift.

Tanur Badgley Conducting An Interview With A People of Purpose Podcast Guest

The second, more empowering reason for my anxiety is that I feel and I know that returning to Kansas is me stepping into my destiny as an adult.

It’s the end of a chapter with self-discovery, travel, and saying yes to where life takes me at the forefront. And the beginning of the next - commitment to community, finding financial freedom to support my family, and have the experiences and time wealth to pursue my purpose projects more fully. I cannot ignore the calling to call forth tribe, cultivate its culture, and become a leader/healer/shaman for others’ truest expressions of life.

I will tune people to their purpose bringing people into communion with their gifts from their creator and use my life experiences to be a conduit of this process.

Probably being a shamanic figure, a teacher, a guide, a facilitator, a missionary in service to a community that wants to grow closer and live for a higher purpose in service to the most important divine work - God's work.

Tanur Badgley With His Wife and Family Celebrating Their Wedding in Thailand

As I settle in Kansas City I intend on holding space for those going through their process of transformation.

I am learning to surrender myself to the duty of service to others for the sake of a better world for us all. When I’m in Kansas City, I’ll be helping people out of sticky real estate situations that have held them back for far too long. I’ll be creating book clubs, facilitating masterminds, hosting coaching calls, and guiding others into the creation and fruition of their purposeful projects.

I will focus my real estate business and partnerships to consistently generate revenue and scale so that I can be practicing and guiding meditations and prayer sessions. So I can be hosting writing workshops, breathwork sessions, and business boot camps. I’ll be brokering relationships between purpose seekers who’ve come to a network filled with people of purpose working collaboratively towards our greatest callings and service in this world.

As People of Purpose continues to integrate with my real estate investment business, Family First Real Estate, it is my prayer that we can physically gather as a global tribe and transform through the power of our collective purpose.

Just a couple of weeks ago I met people who are working on holistic living projects like The Village of the Future and The Light Cities Project.

It’s a tremendous duty to fulfill and an honor and a blessing to be stepping into my life work.

Don’t miss the last part of my Newsletter article wherein I will lay the plans and possibilities I see as I bring my full self to Kansas City.

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