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How To Pound Your Chest And Change Your Life

Woman Happily Looking At Herself In The Mirror

After just one week since my Inner Engineering weekend seminar with Sadhguru I’ve noticed remarkable changes in my life and lives of those around me.

One huge success came with a student from my classroom named Calliejah. He was struggling with anger issues with another student so I took him outside while my co-teacher taught. Together we came to the understanding that he needs to love himself. To not see himself by the labels others put on him.

After sharing struggles of my own that I’m not proud of, Calliejah made eye contact with me for a long time and asked me how he could believe in himself. How could he shed the labels put on him by his adolescent peers every day? I told him to look at himself in the mirror, smile, and pound your chest. And know that your heart beats for you...

The next day Calliejah did just that and said he felt great. He told me I changed his life.

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