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How Learning is Changing Me From The Inside Out

Written by Thomas Wilcox (PoP's Project Manager)

A Man Reading A Book By The Window With A Guitar Leaning On His Feet

I love to read, in fact, even as I write this my laptop is situated on a rather large stack of books from my traveling library. Why do I read so much? Because I worship the God who created wisdom and I am going to learn about Him and about this world until I no longer need to because I can just ask Him.

Okay, how does this have anything to do with my purpose and why I'm here today? Fair question...

So here's where it ties together. Some of the things that I like to read about are, God, Christianity, and World Religion, books on counseling and psychology, and the occasional management book. Each one of these drives me into a greater sense of purpose.

Lately, I have noticed the more that I have been learning about YHWY, Yeshua, and this world we live in (both the good and the bad about it) the more I am drawn to Him and the more I am able to take actions that world otherwise seems crazy.

For Example, I gave up the music company that I had been building for around 6 years to follow God's path as He was preparing me for the next phase of my life. This was something I was passionate about and it was certainly hard to give up, I can still remember the tears as I sold the last pieces of my studio to a friend.

But it was all worth it...

This giving up of a dream led to me moving to the Philippines, Proposing to my now wife, and learning a whole new culture and language. (I do miss the grocery stores though!) I wouldn't trade it for the world though because through this I have grown closer to God, began a family, embraced a culture I knew nothing about before, and have found life in abundance irrespective of money or what I can do for someone else.

This transformation from the inside out has allowed me to go from a sense of inferiority, self-loathing, and depression, to knowing that I am loved and being capable of truly loving others. Because of this life change, I have been able to better serve those around me by caring more about them and seeing their unique value as individuals made in the Imago Dei.

...In no other way does my story of purpose make sense save for this.

That everything I have done has been an act of faith. Everything that I am doing now is nothing other than my attempts at honoring, loving, and obeying the God who made me.

This is what makes my life purposeful.

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