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How God Showed Me That His Faithfulness Never Fails

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In the last two years God has really had to do a number on my heart.

For a couple of years I had no super close friends, and then God brought Remy Goldsmith into my life and it has been so much better since. Unfortunately for me, God called her and her family to Denver Colorado a year and a half after we met. As devastating as that was for me, she was only one state and a 15 hour drive away. Then, God decided that Florida needed her more than Colorado or I did.

She is my best friend, my sister, and my confidant. I honestly have no idea what I would've done if God hadn't come through for me and answered my prayers. Once she moved, I found myself with the same problem I had before I met her. I had no close friends and I got really depressed.

I felt angry at God for giving me such a blessing and then ripping it right out of my life again. He used that trial to show me that I have to trust Him, and He has my prayers answered before I even pray them. Me and Remy are still best friends, and as of this winter I'll be going down to visit her in Florida.

While her friendship means the world to me, I also found the value of putting myself out there and making new friends. I now have friends my age, and younger ones who I am able to mentor to and help walk through life. God has been so good to me and so faithful. Even when all I wanted to do was quit life and just collapse on myself, He showed up and provided people that I never would have found had He not been at work.

Never forget that even when you are angry or upset with God, and you don't maintain a good relationship, He's still there, fighting for you, because He loves you.

- Haven Simnitt People of Purpose's Social Media Manager

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