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Great Things Come To Those Who Wait

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Patience has always been a difficult thing for me. I don't like waiting, especially for the things I want right now.

Recently, college has really been on my mind and kind of stressing me out. Next semester I'm supposed to start college classes at my local community college. They won't be that big of a deal, they're just some duel credit classes that count for high school and can also go towards college requirements. Although, the thought of what I'm going to do after high school is stressing me out quite a bit.

I have quite a broad skill set, with my interests ranging from ancient history, to construction, to becoming a worship leader; which means I can fit in pretty much anywhere, but figuring out what I want to DO for the rest of my life then becomes a difficult task.  

Fortunately, I know that God has a plan already set in place for me, and he knows exactly what I will end up doing with my life, but right now He isn't sharing that information, no matter how much I may want it. Even though I know His plans are better than mine could ever be, and I'll end up living a wonderful life serving His kingdom, the fact that I'm in the dark about my future is really pushing the limits of my trust.

I know though, that He has a plan and He has perfect timing, so now it just becomes a matter of waiting. I know He holds my future and that he won't let me down, and the fact that I've been witness to Him coming through for me before is what's holding my faith in Him steady now, even as the uncertainty of my future plagues my heart.

"Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

- Haven Simnitt     People of Purpose's Social Media Manager

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