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Gratefulness Amidst The Loss and Changes

Man Standing With Widespread Arms Under The Colorful Horizon


Down the mountain. To the rocks below. The process of peace and acceptance. I now know of my immortality. The eradication of the fear of dying. I am grateful for the gift of reflection. Of seeing everything backwards and making the choice to live forwards. I' so lucky to receive the gift of faith. Of knowing that I'm held here by a higher purpose. By the cutting away of nihilism, doubt, hedonism, and the mending of a heart stitched by the gentle grace of God.

My body knows peace like its never known before. And it took an earthquake in my bones to find out how to heal all the cracks that became crevices in my foundation.

I am so grateful to know great communication. To forget jealousy. To know forgiveness. To release my sins. I am grateful to be exposed to who I am so I may know others. To be forever fueled to wake others up to the fragility of the lives they now live. To show them there's more to the iceberg.

I am grateful that I can dream big and know that they will come true. To have been at a place where there was nowhere to go but up. To have known true dependency and the intimacy that goes with it. To know myself once again as I have never known before.

...What are you grateful for?

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