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Friendship Doesn't Count The Miles, It's Measured In The Heart

Two Girls Forming A Heart Shape In A Sun Flower Field

Three years ago a girl named Remy came into my life through church and a mutual friend. We instantly became friends due to similar personalities and a shared obsession with Marvel movies. She lived in Topeka for about two years and then her family got called to Denver, Colorado for her mom's job. She lived there for less than a year before she moved to Florida.

In my head it felt as if God was laughing at me, because for months I'd prayed for a really good close friend, and He brought me one just to take her away. Denver was doable, considering it's only an 8-10 hour drive, but Florida? That's half way across the country.

I thought for a while that we would drift apart and lose our connection, but we didn't.

We text all the time, and we video chat about once a week, usually more. It's not always easy, and it takes a lot of time and effort to really be intentional, but trust me, it's worth it! God start blessing me with more friends after He saw I was being faithful with keeping the relationship strong with Remy. For a while I thought that was it, I'd live in Kansas with my new friends, she'd make new friends, and we'd occasionally chat.

Over time though, our relationship has grown stronger and we've become closer.

God has also blessed me with the opportunity to go to Florida and visit her for a week! This is just one of the ways I am visibly seeing God act and move in my life; distance isn't a hindrance to God, only a way He can demonstrate His power!

Even though sometimes we can't understand why God does certain things or doesn't do the thing you asked doesn't mean there isn't a better plan.

Trust Him in his wisdom, and something better will come from it!

-Haven Simnitt, People of Purpose's Social Media Manager

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