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Celebrating Serendipity

Silhouette Of People Enjoying The Sunset View On The Beach

Last weekend I had my perfect weekend. Or at least one version of it. I stood with friends shirtless in the sun as a gentle drizzle came over our crew. I was holding my frisbee in a field at the Twin Cities Pride festival. It’s estimated around a half million people attended the two days of live music, shows, vendors, food, and parade in Minneapolis. 

A Day Bag and An Idea

I started my weekend with a day bag and an idea. I knew I could stay with someone in Minneapolis.

I didn't know who and I hadn't asked anyone yet. My day started at 10 am when I was picked up in St. Paul by my friend, a 60’s gay attorney I had interned for in college. I watched him perform on stage shredding with his horn. After his show I wondered and came across the Lifetime Fitness stand where I did 50 push-ups for a resistance band. An audience of 20 was counting down as the emcees put the spotlight on me.

After sharing a great lunch at the Walker Art Museum I hopped on a scooter and made my way to Uptown where I met up with my college roommate and my post college roommate who I'll call my Craigslist Hall of Fame roommate (we met as strangers on Craigslist).

I met the former managing director for Pride and learned all the ins and outs of the weekend's events and their origin. My Craigslist Hall of Fame roommate and I went to a house in uptown filled with friends from years past. We had dinner and beer on their deck and finished the night watching Coco. I slept on their couch. 

The next morning we woke up and meditated together. It was special to have five souls seated in a pentagon with knees touching uniting under the bliss. I led us in a round of group chanting before we headed out to a delicious brunch at a bouchey spot in Uptown. I shared a scooter with a couple on the way home.

Three to a scooter was quite the eye-opener for all that we passed. I was beaming on the back balanced on one leg, clutching the biceps of my friend Nikita. We regrouped and rolled out as a squad on scooters and bikes. 

It was incredible to spend the day with Nikita and Katerina and the others at the home in uptown. I love saying yes to the serendipity of life like this. Feeling so free and abundant with life and joy. We played frisbee in a field surrounded by a colorful crowd. The vibe at Pride was alive. Music filled the air. I felt like a kid again celebrating the serendipity of being.

What are you doing to foster the child inside you? 

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