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BetterHelp Counselling: 3rd Live Update

Written by Tanur Badgley (PoP’s Creator & Host)

*** This blog post is sponsored by BetterHelp, but all opinions are my own. ***

Hello People of Purpose! I just had a really good BetterHelp counseling session with my fiance who is in Thailand.

We met with Coleen and this time we talked a lot about some of the nuances of married life like finances, living, and kids and why we're getting married. We also discussed our differences in value systems as she's from a different culture. The entire session has been awesome. I really learned a lot from some of the questions that I was asked and I was forced to think at a deeper level about some of the answers I had. It was really insightful to hear Naknoi, actually give her answers and recognize like,"Oh, I never heard her say that before!" or "I hadn't asked that before!". On the same token, it was really good to recognize that we are having these powerful, important conversations and we are on the right track in a lot of ways.

I just can't imagine another way that we could be doing premarital counseling right now that would be more effective than BetterHelp.

Coleen is in Kentucky. She's able to organize the phone call for us to where I can have Naknoi on FaceTime on my phone facing the laptop camera and we can talk about important things like our married life. It has been really awesome to have BetterHelp come into my life. I have done three individual appointments and now two couples premarital appointments and it's just all added so much value. Whether you are in a relationship, you are single, or whatever situation you find yourself in, BetterHelp is a great solution because you get to schedule the time and you get to do it from the comfort of your home. I did mine in my hammock today and you get to work with someone who is highly, highly qualified to make real progress in your life.

I just really encourage you to check out better help go to to find out more. You can get your discount by being a People of Purpose fan and listener. I want to completely tear away the stigma that's around counseling. Every one of us can benefit from it and needs it. BetterHelp provides service for a very low cost and at your convenience through your smartphone. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions and how it goes for you.

*** I may receive commission from BetterHelp or other sources if you purchase products or services through the links provided on this page. ***

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