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An Open Letter To The Filipino Frontliners

A Handwritten Letter With A Nib Pen And Flowers

Written by April Mae Casida (PoP’s Website and Media Assitant) and Hazel Foz

The world is continuously fighting against the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, and our battle here in the Philippines is no different. Despite the fear and uncertainty, there are those who chose to stand up for us - the doctors, nurses, police officers, supermarket staff, and many more.

Recently, these frontliners, who are working relentlessly, are speaking up, wanting their voices to be heard. The situation in the Philippines is far from getting better. They are asking for a “timeout”, specifically the medical sector, from the government; a time to reassess and come up with a more concrete plan to fight this pandemic.

It pains us in a way that to see them exhausted and worn out after all their selfless hard work. They are our modern-day heroes and we can’t thank them enough for their service. So here’s a letter of appreciation and gratitude for all of them, and I hope this lifts their spirits up.

Hey there!

How are you? How have you been feeling?

You may have heard these questions a countless number of times already, but still, I want to check on you. I want to know how you have been doing. I want to hear your voice. I want to know your pains.

In these times of crisis, you are called to serve.

Despite the danger and doubts, you heed to the call. Not for yourself, but for your loved ones. Not for yourself, but for the nation.

Someday, somebody’s life will be in your hands— and that someday is yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Words will never be enough to show our gratitude.

What once was your dream is now what keeps thousands of people safe and breathing. And for that, we are grateful.

Through your efforts, sweat, and unseen tears, we are listening.

We are with you. Times are getting harder as each second is a battle. Hours become longer as each day is a sacrifice. But you still choose to stand and fight with and for us.

You give hope to the hopeless in these trying times.

Through plastic in barriers, you confront what everybody else is afraid of— And for that, we are grateful.

The danger of every day now lives upon us, but you still choose to serve despite the possibility of endangering your own life. All for the betterment and protection of the people around you — And for that, we are grateful.

Thank you for embracing the diseased with protection and comfort. Thank you for getting through it every day.

I know times are getting tougher. Your bodies are starting to get tired. Your heart once so hopeful is slowly creeping to hopelessness. The light of hope seems to be fading out.

But I ask you to hold a little bit longer.

Hold my hand if you feel like giving up. Rest on my shoulder if you feel restless. Talk to me if even you don’t have anything to say.

You are not in this alone.

I, together with a million hopeful hearts are behind you, looking forward to better days that lie ahead for all of us, never giving up, never backing down. We may be tripped and wounded for now, but tomorrow, we shall rise with grateful hearts.

With you, we serve. With you, we survive.

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