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Practice of Purpose 5 : Acro Yoga

Man And Woman Doing Yoga Together In The Woods

A Walk In The Park

I walked into beautiful Delores Park in San Francisco to meet my friend Remon who had raved to me about this group that meets on Sundays to practice acro yoga.

Acro yoga is partner yoga where a base and a flyer work together to create balance, flow, and harmony through the different postures created together. Remon had to leave very soon after we met so I stayed and learned with people I had just met. I love how intimate and connected acro yoga forces you to become with strangers. 

Shared Trust

The shared trust from working together is something remarkable that I don't think I've ever found before. I was hanging upside down completely held up by a stranger. I twirled a tiny gymnast as we let go of our hand holds and completely changed the position of my feet. It was incredible how much strength, balance, and connection is involved with acro yoga.

I trusted these strangers with so much more than we typically give and they trusted me. I really encourage people to find a partner and try it. Be safe! 

A Personal Update

Hometown Happiness

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I was able to make it back to my hometown in Topeka, Kansas.

On the night before Thanksgiving I went out with a couple buddies I've known since elementary school. It was very cool to be talking with my friend Ted and hearing about his transformation in the past year since our last conversation when he was very lost when it came to purpose. I found that he took a lot of my advice, made a lot of wise decisions based on knowing himself, and is noticeably happier.

Over our time at the bar (a place I rarely go these days), a dozen other friends from different places in my past came through. It was so fulfilling to hear from each of them about how what I'm doing is such an inspiration to them. I was shocked to hear from people I hadn't had a conversation with in nearly 10 years give details about things I had done, written, and posted on since I've committed to this purposeful life.

It was so much fuel to keep going!

I found a relaxed, peaceful feeling in who I was for the first time since I left Topeka for San Francisco this past June. 

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